Engineering Guidelines and Standard Detail Plates

The City of Farmington Engineering Guidelines and Standard Detail Plates (revised April 2017) have been developed by the city for developers, builders, and their engineers performing land development improvements and infrastructure installation within Farmington.

The Engineering Guidelines and Standard Detail Plates serve as a reference for engineering standards to be incorporated into the design, plan and specification preparation, construction, and/or connection to public infrastructure facilities within Farmington.

Engineering Guidelines

Copies of the City of Farmington Engineering Guidelines are available for download

Standard Detail Plates

The full set of City of Farmington Standard Detail Plates are available download or available individually under the sections below.  Click on the section to view a list of individual standard detail plates for the section.

Section 1 - Streets

Description  Plate No. 
Curb and Gutter  STR-01 
Curb and Gutter Transitions  STR-02 
Mountable Curb and Gutter Construction at Catch Basins  STR-03 
B618 Curb and Gutter Installation at Catch Basins  STR-04 
Residential Street Section  STR-05 
28-Foot Residential Street Section with Sidewalk  STR-05A 
32-Foot Residential Street Section with Sidewalk/Trail  STR-05B 
Residential Collector Street Section with Sidewalk  STR-06 
Industrial/Commercial Street Section  STR-06A 
4-Lane Undivided Collector Street Section with Sidewalk/Trail  STR-06B 
Private Street Section No Parking  STR-07 
Type I Cul-de-sac  STR-08 
Type II Cul-de-sac  STR-09 
Concrete Valley Gutter  STR-10 
Residential Concrete Driveway Apron (B6 Type Curb)  STR-11 
Residential Concrete Driveway Apron (Mountable Type Curb)  STR-12 
Residential Concrete Driveway Apron with Sidewalk (B6 Type Curb)  STR-13 
Residential Concrete Driveway Apron with Sidewalk (Mountable Type Curb)  STR-14 
Commercial Concrete Driveway Apron  STR-15 
Commercial Concrete Driveway Apron with Sidewalk  STR-16 
Sidewalk Pedestrian Ramp  STR-17 
Trail Pedestrian Ramp  STR-18 
Sidewalk/Trail Pedestrian Ramp General Location  STR-19 
Trail and Sidewalk Sections  STR-21 
Crosswalk Layout  STR-22 
Utility Layout  STR-23 
Permanent Barricade  STR-24 
Future Through Street Barricade  STR-24A 
Mailbox Installation  STR-25 
Private Development Turnaround  STR-26 
Water and Sanitary Sewer Service Location Stamp in Curb  STR-28 
Temporary Bituminous Wedging for Curb Protection  STR-29 

Section 2 - Storm Sewer

Description  Plate No. 
Storm Sewer Manhole  STO-01 
Storm Sewer Junction Manhole  STO-02 
Storm Sewer Junction Manhole with Reinforced Top Slab  STO-03 
Storm Sewer Junction Manhole with Reinforced Top Slab and Sump  STO-04 
Catch Basin Manhole  STO-05 
Catch Basin Manhole with Sump  STO-06 
Catch Basin  STO-07 
Double Catch Basin (CBMH with CB)  STO-08 
Catch Basin Manhole Type II  STO-09 
Flared End Section and Trash Guard  STO-10 
Riprap at Outlets  STO-11 
Cable Concrete at Outlets  STO-12 
"Mini-Tee" Manhole  STO-14 
PVC (Rigid) Perforated Pipe  STO-15 
Drain Tile Cleanout  STO-15A 
Rural Residential Driveway  STO-16 
Storm Sewer Skimmer Structure  STO-17 
Storm Sewer Skimmer Structure with Concrete Baffle Wall  STO-19 
Pond Bench  STO-21 

Section 3 - Sanitary Sewer

Description  Plate No. 
Sanitary Sewer Manhole  SAN-01 
Sanitary Sewer Junction Manhole  SAN-02 
Sanitary Sewer Junction Manhole with Reinforced Top Slab  SAN-03 
Sanitary Sewer Drop Inlet Manhole  SAN-04 
Watertight Casting for Sanitary Sewer Manhole  SAN-05 

Section 4 - Water Main

Description  Plate No. 
Hydrant  WAT-01 
Gate Valve and Box  WAT-02 
Water Main Wet Tap  WAT-04 
Concrete Thrust Blocking  WAT-05 
Water Main Offset  WAT-06 
Typical Gate Valve Layout  WAT-07 
Irrigation System Tap, Meter, and Backflow Preventor Assembly  WAT-08 
Air Bleed  WAT-09 

Section 5 - Bedding

Description Plate No. 
Bedding Methods for PVC  BED-01 
Bedding Methods for RCP and DIP  BED-02 

Section 6 - Services

Description  Plate No. 
Water Service Connection  SER-01A 
Sanitary Sewer Service Connection  SER-01B 
Sanitary Sewer Service Riser  SER-02 
Sanitary Sewer Service Line Cleanout  SER-03 

Section 7 - Erosion Control

Description  Plate No. 
Silt Fence Machine Sliced  ERO-01A 
Silt Fence Heavy Duty  ERO-02 
Silt Curtain  ERO-03 
Erosion Control Around Catch Basin  ERO-04 
Beehive Casting and Flared End Section Erosion Control  ERO-05 
Ditch Blocking  ERO-06 
Sheet Drainage Erosion Control  ERO-07 
Development Stabilized Construction Exit  ERO-08A 
Reconstruction Project Stabilized Construction Exit  ERO-08B 
Residential Stabilized Construction Exit  ERO-09 
Temporary Sedimentation Basin with Outlet Pipe  ERO-10 
Temporary Sedimentation Basin with Overflow Spillway  ERO-11 
Inlet Protection Devices  ERO-12 
Sediment Control Log  ERO-13 

Section 8 - General

Description  Plate No. 
Structure Marker Signs  GEN-01 
Insulation  GEN-02 
Concrete Base for Lighting Poles  GEN-04 
Spun Aluminum Collar for Residential Street Lighting  GEN-05 
Street Light Residential District  GEN-06 
Street Light Downtown District  GEN-07 
Street Light Heritage District  GEN-08 
Regulatory Sign  GEN-09 
Street Sign  GEN-10 
Private Street Sign  GEN-10A 
Shrub Planting  GEN-11 
Tree Planting: Lot Frontage Trees  GEN-12A 
Tree Planting: Boulevard Tree Route  GEN-12B 
City Natural Area, Conservation Area, and Wetland Buffer Signs  GEN-13 
Typical Parking Designs  GEN-14 
Subgrade Correction (For Buildings)  GEN-15 
Utility Crossings  GEN-16 
Certificate of Survey  GEN-17 

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