Pond & Park Cleanup Day

Ponds, parks, and the natural areas around them collect much of the debris from the windy winter weather. Pond & Park Cleanup Day was initiated to protect the natural habitat and enhance the aesthetics of Farmington ponds and parks by cleaning up the garbage that has accumulated over the winter.

2018 Pond & Park Clean Day

Saturday, April 28 from 9-11 a.m.

Individuals and groups are invited to do some spring cleaning in a city owned pond or park. The city will provide volunteers with supplies and dispose of the garbage. Interested? Contact Recreation Supervisor Ryan Hayes before April 20 at 651-280-6854 or email.

2017 Pond & Park Cleanup Volunteers 

There were 380 volunteers at the 2017 cleanup event on Saturday, April 29; they collected 1.14 tons of garbage. The city appreciates the help with cleaning city-owned parks, ponds, and natural areas. These outdoor areas are more attractive for visitors and healthy for natural habitat after our spring cleaning!