Boulevard Trees

Boulevard and Boulvard Tree placement photoTrees provide Farmington with countless benefits. To help ensure a healthy and diverse community forest the city has established guidelines for new tree planting and also maintains trees on all publicly owned properties.

Boulevards are city owned properties next to any public street. The city has control and management over all shrubs and trees planted or overhanging all streets or other public property. Therefore, any shrub or tree within a boulevard area is public property and will be maintained by the city of Farmington.

Boulevard trees are routinely trimmed by the city to remove broken or dead limbs, to maintain structure and for pedestrian and vehicle clearance. Trimming height standards maintain a 10 foot clearance above any walkway and 14 feet above the roadway.

Boulevard Tree Trimming

City crews are currently out trimming boulevard trees. Due to the high volume of trimming requests, the city will not be scheduling development requests this time. The city typically schedules trimming during dormant months (winter and early spring); this is the best time to trim because there are no insects and it limits the spread of disease.

The city also removes dead, dying and hazardous boulevard trees. Attempts are made to notify property owners on the adjoining lot in advance of this action. Residents are not assessed for trimming or removal of boulevard trees. Please contact the Natural Resource staff for tree trimming or if you have a dead, dying or hazardous boulevard tree needing removal.

From time to time boulevard trees lose their limbs under natural conditions. Downed limbs should be reported to the Natural Resource staff at 651-280-6845. However, the city is not able to dispose of boulevard tree limbs purposefully removed by residents or tree limbs from private property. Please review the yard waste disposal options.

If you are trimming trees on your property check out this guide for tree maintenance.

The city of Farmington has participated in the Tree City USA Program for the past twenty-five years and is committed to maintaining a healthy and attractive community forest.