Curbside Cleanup Days

Curbside Cleanup Days are included in the garbage service fee for city of Farmington residents. Residents of city of Lakeville, and Empire, Eureka, or Castle Rock Townships are not included; please contact your city, town hall, or hauler for disposal options.

Curbside Cleanup Days give residents an opportunity to dispose of LARGE, BULKY items not routinely collected as part of your weekly garbage collection.

Notice effective 2018:

MATTRESSES/BOX SPRINGS are no longer collected during Cleanup Days.

Program details

  • Do not put materials out more than two days before your schedule pickup day.
  • Do not place bags and boxes of trash at the curb for Cleanup Days. Piles of miscellaneous trash will not be picked up. Return trips for extra garbage can be schedule anytime throughout the year.
  • Set your materials at the curb (not alley) by 7 a.m. on your collection day.
    Trucks will go through only once on your scheduled day.
  • Curbside Cleanup is a benefit for Farmington residents. Please don't allow people from outside the city to drop their items off at your home. Garbage coming in from outside of Farmington increases the cost of the program for Farmington residents.

2018 Spring program dates

Your Garbage Collection Day  Your Curbside Collection Day
Monday April 21
Tuesday April 28
Wednesday May 5
Thursday May 12
Friday May 19

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Dos and Don'ts for Cleanup Days

One big pile? Just say no!

No piles

Piles like this make the job of cleaning up much harder. Piles of miscellaneous trash will NOT be picked up.

Please separate acceptable items into distinct piles. Separate trucks collect appliances and trash.

Remember, two appliances is the limit.

Curbside Cleanup Days is a benefit for city of Farmington residents. Please don't allow people from outside the city to drop their items off at your home.

Just say no

Illegal dumping and scavengers

Waiting until the night before or before 7 a.m. on your collection day will help reduce the amount of scavengers driving in your neighborhood.
Call 911 to report illegal dumping or scavengers that are disruptive or making a mess.

Accepted materials

    The following items will be accepted at the curb.

    • Appliances: water heaters, microwaves, washers, dryers, stoves, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, freezers, dishwashers, trash compactors, garbage disposals, water coolers, refrigerators. For any appliance big enough for a child or pet to enter, remove the door(s) or secure it shut. Limit TWO appliances per house. Wait to set appliances out until the morning of your pickup if at all possible (to minimize opportunities for scavengers to cut cords or pull copper off and release harmful chemicals into the air).

    • Carpets/carpet pads: Roll up carpets and carpet pads and tape or tie them.
      Rolls must be less than five feet long and one foot in diameter.

    • Unusable furniture: Chairs, couches, sofas, etc. Disassemble or tie down hide-a-way sofa beds so they cannot open when handled.

    • Bulky items: Large items that don’t fit in your garbage can such as children’s plastic riding toys, grills, treadmills, lawn mowers, bikes. Drain any oil, gas, or other fluids and remove tires.

Materials NOT accepted

  • Mattresses and Box Springs (new in 2018).
  • Electronics: No TVs, computers, monitors, stereos, etc.
  • Construction/Demolition materials: No railroad ties, concrete, bricks, shingles. No lumber, windows, siding, or doors.
  • Exceptionally heavy or bulky items: Examples, hot tubs, pianos, etc.
  • Hazardous waste:
    - No paints, motor oil, solvents
    - No fluorescent tubes or bulbs.
    - No propane tanks.
    - No household chemicals.
  • Recyclable materials: No newspapers, mixed paper, boxboard, corrugated cardboard, cans, glass, plastic.
  • Tires, batteries: No tires or batteries.
  • Yard waste, organic materials: No leaves, grass clippings, sod, stumps, brush, etc. No food waste.
  • Options for unacceptable materials

    The Recycling Zone will accept the following items.

    • Electronics: TVs, computers, printers, stereos, cellphones, etc.
    • Hazardous waste: paint, fuel, motor oil, fluorescent tubes and bulbs, propane and other household chemicals, thermostats, etc.
    • Recyclable materials: newspapers, mixed paper, boxboard, corrugated cardboard, cans, glass, and plastics
    • Batteries
    • Tires (for a fee)
    • Scrap metal

    For more information visit The Recycling Zone or go to the Green Guide and search the item you need to dispose of.

    Options for reusable items

    Do you have items that are still reusable? Instead of sending these items to a landfill, consider donating them so they can be used by someone else.