Annual Overweight Permit

2017 Spring Load Restrictions are in Effect

As of February 17, spring load restrictions are in effect. The end date road restrictions is determined by several factors including frost depth, soil moisture content, and spring weather so the duration varies from year to year. The Minnesota Department of Transportation will announce the restrictions end date within at least a three day notice.

City of Farmington Overweight Permit Application

During spring load restrictions, all city streets have a five ton axle weight limit unless otherwise posted. The city does offer an annual Overweight Permit; however these are limited to deliveries to and from Farmington businesses and are not for construction and/or demolition activities, including home building. If you would like to fill out the overweight permit application below, the city will consider your request but application does not guarantee permit issuance.

Submit the completed application via email, or fax to the attention of: Sue Miller, Engineering Department at Email, fax 651-280-6839; or mail to Farmington City Hall at the address below:

City of Farmington
Attn. Sue Miller, Engineering Department
430 Third Street
Farmington, MN 55024