Downtown Redevelopment Plan

By undertaking the development of a Downtown Redevelopment Plan, a unified vision will be established for downtown Farmington.  This process will help Farmington’s City Council, Economic Development Authority, and other advisory commissions identify opportunities in the downtown area for redevelopment. Because redevelopment efforts can often take many years, it is important to have a unified vision for the area so that staff can identify funding sources for specific projects or opportunities as they become available.

As a 5-10 year plan, this illustrative redevelopment plan is intended to provide a proactive tool for communicating the community’s vision for downtown reinvestment and redevelopment projects, both by the public and private sectors. It is not the city’s intent to acquire properties that are identified as potential redevelopment sites on this plan. Redevelopment of individual sites will be primarily dependent upon property owners who are interested and willing to pursue redevelopment or to sell their property to developers who are interested in redevelopment. There may be opportunities for private property owners to partner with the city to successfully achieve the redevelopment goals of this plan and the property owner. This illustrative redevelopment plan provides direction for future redevelopment while leaving room for flexibility and individual expression as part of the redevelopment process and for creating a varied and dynamic downtown environment.