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About submitting a photo

By submitting your photo, you are confirming that you are the photographer and/or the copyright holder of the photo, and that you grant the city of Farmington with permission to use the image in its digital and print communications. Submissions become the property of the city of Farmington and will not be returned. No compensation will be offered for your submission. Photo credit may be provided. However, photo credit may not be noted in all instances. Only submit photos that were taken within the city limits of Farmington will be accepted. Please review the following:

  • Within the description box provided on the submission form include an approximate location of where the photo was taken.
  • High resolution photos are preferred, but files must not be larger than 10 MG.
  • You are responsible for providing a photo release when taking pictures of people; especially if there are recognizable people at non-public events in your photo, you must submit a signed photo release for them. A parent or guardian must provide written authorization for any photographs of minors. Download the appropriate release form below and upload the completed form with the photo.

Photo Release Form for an Individual Person
Photo Release Form for a Group
Photo Release Form for Minor Children

How to Share Your Photo

Click on the submission form link below to share a Farmington photo. You may also share an artifact from Farmington's history. If you are unable to upload a photo, please contact Danielle Cahlander at Email or 651-280-6807.


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