Farmington, Minnesota

Photo by Jason Jensen

Community Calendar

2017 Community CalendarThe Community Calendar showcases beautiful photos taken by talented local photographers and provides important information for Farmington residents to use throughout the year. The 2017 Community Calendar was mailed to Farmington residents and businesses in December 2016. If you are a Farmington resident and you did not receive a calendar, please contact the city and share your address for our mailing list at 651-280-6800. New residents receive the calendar in a packet with their garbage collection carts.

Keep the calendar on hand and refer to it for city meeting dates, holidays, parks and recreation, garbage and recycling information, and more. You may  also subscribe to E-Notifications and receive the calendar through your email.

Click on the calendar months below.

    About the Calendar Photos

    The publication showcases beautiful photos that were taken in Farmington and shared with the city for use in our digital and print publications, and via social media. This year’s calendar photos were provided by the following photographers: Jason Jenson, Jenny Olmanson, Jim Mihalek, Bill Cuevas, Hannah Halvorson, Jim Larsen, James Halvorson, Joe Richgels, Rachel Pond, Colby Meyer, Rachael Cochrane, Sydney Chen, and Beverly Woolford.

    Share Farmington Photos
    Photographers can upload and share their favorite Farmington photos through Share Farmington Photos.

    Funding was partially provided by the Dakota County Board of Commissioners and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.