Outdoor Pool

The Farmington outdoor pool offers several amenities including a small drop slide, diving bay with one and two meter boards, wading pool, funbrellas, chaise lounge chairs, picnic tables, and open lockers for patron use.

The Outdoor Pool was a Community Initiative 

Initially a fundraising drive was undertaken by the community to raise money to construct an outdoor pool. After the fundraising attempt stalled and the money collected was not enough to pay for the entire construction of the outdoor pool, the city of Farmington stepped in and contributed the remaining funds needed for construction. Land for the outdoor pool and park (known as Evergreen Knoll Park) was donated by Tilges Construction. With land and money secured, construction began and was completed in 1970 on the outdoor pool. The outdoor pool was subsequently opened the following summer in 1971.

Operations and Maintenance

Since there wasn't a Parks and Recreation Department when the outdoor pool opened in 1971, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission was heavily involved with the outdoor pool. Pool maintenance responsibility was placed under the Streets Department and a person was hired to oversee pool operations. In 1976, the city’s first Parks and Recreation Director was hired and the operations and maintenance of the outdoor pool was placed under the responsibility of the newly created Parks and Recreation Department.

Pool Capacity

There are two pools that are served by one bathhouse; a wading pool consisting of 11,601 gallons of water with a capacity of 68 swimmers and a larger deeper main pool consisting of 247,670 gallons of water with a capacity of 344 swimmers.

Wading Pool Usage

Multiple children from the same family are allowed in the wading pool at the same time even if they are taller than 42 inches, but only if a parent or grandparent is supervising them and the capacity of the pool is not exceeded.

If there is no parent or grandparent supervising the child, then the child must be 42 inches or less in height to use the wading pool. In the event the wading pool becomes crowded and/or exceeds capacity, then any child taller than 42 inches being supervised by a parent or grandparent in the wading pool will be asked to leave and move to the big pool, so children 42 inches and under may have priority to use the wading pool.