Farmington, Minnesota

Photo by Jason Jensen

Social Media

Social media is a way for the city to provide timely information to the community. The city has an active social presence. Participants share their comments and connect with city officials, staff, and residents. Look for social quick links on each webpage for quick access.


City Facebook: @CityofFmgtn
Farmington Fire: @FarmingtonMNFD
Farmington Liquors: @FarmingtonMNLiquors
Farmington Police: @FarmingtonMNPD


Twitter City: @CityofFmgtn
Twitter City Administrator: @farmingtonmnadm
Twitter Police Department: @FarmingtonPD_MN 

 YouTube  - The city's YouTube Channel offers videos that highlight city services, events, programs, and offerings in Farmington.

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Social Media Policy

The city's Social Media Policy is made public through the city's website.