Natural Resources

The city of Farmington developed in an area rich with natural resources at the union of the Vermillion River and its streams. Prairies, wetlands, and oak woodlands still remain within our community.

The Natural Resources Department monitors and maintains these and other resources to ensure that areas are conserved now and for future generations of Farmington residents.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Boulevard tree inspection, removal, and maintenance planning

  • Storm water pond revival projects including seeding, dredging, and noxious and invasive tree removal 

  • Wetland buffer, erosion control, grass height, and other policy enforcement designed to preserve the city’s natural resources

  • Water quality and water quantity program implementation including the Wellhead Protection and Surface Water Management Plans

  • Natural resource and environmental education and outreach program development

  • Vermillion River Watershed and the Wetland Health Evaluation Program liaison