Outdoor Rinks

Outdoor hockey rinks, warming houses, and pleasure skating rinks are scheduled to open on December 16, 2016 depending on the weather.

Outdoor Rink Locations

  • Farmington Elementary - Maple Street (pleasure rink - no lights)

  • Hill Dee Park - 5535 Upper 182nd (pleasure rink - no lights)

  • Meadowview Elementary - 6100 195th Street (pleasure rink - no lights

  • North Creek Park - Upper 182nd Street & Dunbury Avenue (warming house, hockey and pleasure rinks with lights)

  • Rambling River Park - located behind Levi P. Dodge Middle School, 4200 208th Street West (warming house, two hockey rinks and one pleasure rink with lights)

Warming House Operations

There are two warming houses open with city staff on duty during the outdoor skating season. The warming house at Rambling River Park (behind Dodge Middle School) outdoor rink contain an indoor restroom. The warming house at North Creek Park offer a portable toilet adjacent to the warming house.

Warming House Closing Policy

  • The wind chill factor is -20 degrees or below.

  • Unusually warm temperature (+40 degrees or above) softened the ice, making the rinks unsafe for skating.

  • We receive a snowfall of more than two inches. This could delay cleaning the rinks and opening the building. 

Call the Parks and Recreation weather cancellations/closings line at 651-280-6870 for updated program information or visit the weather cancellations/closings page.